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“Data’s great, but I’m going with my gut”: How to Overcome Fear of Data ft. @UseNotion


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Let’s say your goal is to build team camaraderie, making them happier, more cohesive and all around better. You’ve tried putting beer in the office. You’ve tried banning beer from the office. You’ve tried a BYOB consumption structure. But you’re still not sure whether any of these measures have actually affected the productivity of your team. It’s enough to drive a manager to drink, I tell ya.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way you could know for sure which of these management processes was most effective? And no – this method doesn’t only apply to Madmen-meets-Craft-Brew day drinking.

Here’s the thing: There is a way to know for sure how effective your latest management policy is. And it’s not hard (we’ll tell you one really simple way to do it at the end). But first you have to overcome some obstacles. After all, all businesses can collect data – but far too many simply aren’t using a data driven framework to make management decisions.

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