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Engagement: The Key to a Data Driven Culture ft. @UseNotion

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A “Data-driven culture” is what so many businesses aspire to be. They think that if they have the data, organize the data, and use the data to make decisions, that they will automatically infuse it into the very fibers of their corporate culture.

If only it were that easy.

Yes, obtaining data and organizing it may be the first necessary steps towards creating a “data driven culture,” but unless you can get your team excited about using that data – it’s close to worthless.

Having a data-driven culture means that everyone – not just analysts, product managers and marketers – understands the data you’re collecting, can find the data you’ve collected, and knows how to use that data to improve and optimize their work. And, of course, it’s not about your team just knowing how to use the data, but feeling empowered, encouraged, and even excited to make data an integral part of their work.

For that to happen, employees need reasons why adding data to their lives will make their work easier and get them better results.

But, engendering enthusiasm can be an uphill battle, especially if your mountains of numbers tend to scare people away.

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