How to Create a Lean Startup Culture ft. @UseNotion


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Some describe work ‘culture’ as a “learned process,” or “a set of rules and standards,” or even behaviors that fall within a proper and acceptable range according to the organization. Those sterile definitions may work for traditionally corporate environments, but startups? No. Startups have a culture all their own.

Startup culture – it’s a work hard, play harder, scrappy environment of passionate people willing to do what it takes to achieve greatness (or at least a profit). And that culture asserts itself through establishing a shared sense of purpose, a shared “why” for the what you’re producing. If you’ve come that far in your startup journey, you’re ahead of most.

And heck, that culture can be so motivating, innovative, and even profit-maximizing that large organizations of all kinds are adjusting their strategies and policies to encourage a startup mindset in their enterprise companies.

That culture isn’t necessarily Lean, but it can be. And when it is, the combination of passion and process can yield extraordinary results.

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