Rise above the noise and get your startup noticed with Rocket Fuel! 🚀

Competition is fierce, and loud, and… everywhere. To get noticed by early adopters, evangelical customers, tech enthusiasts, investors, thought leaders and Silicon Valley insiders, you need a way to reach them that isn’t over-saturated. Something that pushes you into their radar so you can finally reach the great heights your product deserves.

In my Rocket Fuel Package, I offer a way you can get:

  • Brand recognition – among your ideal audience
  • In front of an engaged audience of thousands of startup enthusiasts
  • Your content shared on cutting-edge tech communities like Growth Hackers, Product Hunt, Inbound.org, SaaS.Community and more
  • Not just more traffic, but qualified traffic who are more likely to convert to leads
  • A quickly growing reputation as a thought leader in your industry

“The value Nichole is offering for this price is unbelievable—the Rocket Fuel Package is a steal!”

– Kiki Schirr, CEO of WeKiki 

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It is mandatory that your content is: original, high-quality, relevant.

I charge $500 / month for this package.

Here’s how this works…

You write content, I share it.

I’ve been building relationships and growing my social media following in the startup space for years. I spend hours every day interacting, conversing, advising and connecting with the startup-obsessed communities you’d like to reach. I’m a Moderator at Product Hunt and a top 15 contributor; I’m also a Moderator at Growth Hackers,  helped grow Inbound.org, and am an admin at SaaS.Community. See pertinent stats here:

In short, I’ve built cred.

And when I post something on one, some, or all of these communities, I not only get looks, likes and shares, I get engagement.

Tapping into an engaged audience who is primed and ready for the latest SaaS products – it’s like hitting a gold vein instead of chasing itty-bitty nuggets.

Would you rather spend months sifting through a box of rocks, or go straight to chipping out chunks of paydirt?

But let’s not mix metaphors.

The Rocket Fuel Package includes:

  • Several shares a month per new article on my Twitter account, which has 62K + followers
  • Several shares per month per new article on my my LinkedIn account, which has 5,000 + connections

Most of my Twitter and LinkedIn followers are highly interested in startups as customers or even investors

  • Write a piece on Medium? I’ll heart it
  • Submissions of your high-quality articles to communities including Growth Hackers, Inbound.org, SaaS.Community and more, when and where relevant
  • Additional distribution to outlets such as Zest.is
  • Working together to determine how to track your success – an option is to use UTM codes for each channel
  • And even hands-on guidance with Product Hunt launches – I can help with Product Hunt landing pages, e-mail campaigns, etc. Note: I am not accepting payment to post your product on Product Hunt. I am not interested in posting products that I wouldn’t normally post

Think of me as an extension of your content marketing team.

Hey listen – there’s a caveat.

I don’t partner with just any startup. I won’t distribute just any content either. All of this only works because I’ve built a reputation for working with great companies and only sharing valuable, high-quality content.

In short: I only work with the best.

Is that you?

If you have a great product, care deeply about your customers, and are committed to creating the best possible experience for them, then I would love to help you get in front of all the right people.

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