Why we focus on the Little Data ft. @UseNotion

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Modern technology is a wonder, isn’t it? Once you learn what tracking metrics can do for your business – customer metrics, internal team metrics – you want to apply tracking to anything and everything, simply because you can. The promise of Big Data tells us that if we can just crunch more numbers or analyze bigger data sets, we’ll somehow discover new pearls of wisdom, breakthrough aha moments, and the secret to that coveted unicorn status.

So when you’re crafting your strategy of determining what to track, should you just track it all?

Yes and no.

Yes, you should track all of the metrics that matter to your team and to your company.

And no, you shouldn’t track them all at the same time.

We refer to those team metrics that matter most at any given point as your Little Data. And focusing on the little data is what drives success.

Technology allows you to theoretically track ALL THE THINGS, but human capacity requires prioritization. People and teams perform better when they’re focused, so we recommend starting small, centering your attention on the Little Data that matters most to your team, and evolving that focus as your strategy and tactics evolve.

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