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10 Extremely Effective, Totally Free Content Promotion Strategies by @NikkiElizDemere

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Good content isn’t cheap, and it’s certainly not easy – even if you’re doing it yourself, or trying to save a buck and tasking your non-writerly employees with the job. Time or cash, either way, you’re going to invest to do it right*.

* What’s the point in doing it wrong? Nobody is going to pay attention to bad content, including Google’s web crawler algorithms.

But to make that content work for you, you have to promote it. This is why content promotion is a vital step in your content marketing process.

Producing content alone it isn’t enough to get you noticed, read and shared.

Yet, many companies drop the ball with their content. They put it up on the company blog and sit and wait for people to come – but nobody knows it’s there.

Or, almost as bad, they’ll quit after posting the link on social media for all of their 27 followers to ignore.

Because those followers have been given no reason to pay attention in the first place.

Now – content marketing does work. When you do it right, it can establish your company as a thought leader, increase trust and brand awareness, and nurture leads through your sales funnel.

Content can also provide customer success support for existing customers, helping answer questions and learn to derive more value from your product.

In addition to all of these benefits, good content is a sustainable way to climb Google’s rankings and ensure your website’s place among the firmament (i.e. the top slots of the search engine results page).

Good content doesn’t get dinged or demoted. It builds a following. And the longer you have it up, the better it works as more people see it, read it, love it and share it. For many businesses, quality content marketing is the long but steady path up the mountain to search engine supremacy.

For all of this to work though, you have to get your content out there. And if you’re a startup or relatively new business, your funds are likely allocated elsewhere.

I’ve got you covered – because you don’t need a marketing budget for any of these content promotion strategies. Fair warning: If you’re not investing money, you will need to invest some time. Nothing happens by magic — at least not yet.

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    Nichole, this is an excellent article. There is a lot of fluff out there about content marketing but your article includes some very practical tips people can act on. I like it.

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