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10 Ways to Grow Your SaaS with Customer Success by @NikkiElizDeMere

Customer Success isn’t just a way to retain clients – it’s the most potent way to grow your SaaS business. Here are ten Customer Success techniques you can use to spend less on marketing, make more money on sales, and keep your clients happy in the process.

1) Forget the new clients – current clients are gold

New clients are expensive! Their buyers’ journeys are long and paved with your company’s dollar bills.

Current customers, on the other hand, become more cost-efficient with each subscription cycle, reducing churn and raising profit margins. It’s not only about renewals though – current clients are more likely to purchase additional services and upgrades.

2) Make every customer a good customer

There will always be pain-in-the-neck clients, but you have the power to make each one of your customers a “good” customer. At least by Lincoln Murphy’s definition: “Good customers are those that continually realize value from your product.”

To achieve this, you’ll need a combo of accurate targeting and customer success to bring the right clients to you and keep them happy.

3) You care, they share – it’s karma in action

When you take action to help your customers be successful with your product, they’ll want more of your products. They’ll also want to tell their friends and business associates about your products.

They’ll not only share your useful eBooks and blog posts and social media interactions, but will also become your evangelists, saving you money on marketing.

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