30 Women Shaping B2B Tech Marketing

In the world of B2B tech marketing, women are making an incredible impact around the world on brands large and small.

From successful marketing campaigns, to leading teams that drive bottom-line results, to development of inventive lead generation tactics–there are no limits to the glass ceilings they are smashing.

Kaleigh Moore interviewed 30 women about their biggest challenge as B2B tech marketers, their thoughts on the B2B tech landscape, and what they’re most proud of.

Here were my insights:

What’s your biggest challenge as a B2B tech marketer?

Getting press for early-stage SaaS startups who don’t have funding.

What’s the biggest shift/change you’re seeing in the B2B tech landscape right now?

Two things: Growth marketing and blended AI.

Growth marketing is the future. CMOs who adapt fastest will be poised to succeed, while those who don’t may find their jobs on the line. The stakes are high. Why the shift? It all hinges upon Customer Experience (CX). Forrester predicts: “30% of companies will see further declines in CX quality and lose a point of growth” in 2018. When growth slows, CEOs look to CMOs to fix it – and if they can’t, they’ll find someone who can: A Growth Marketer.

Forrester qualifies their prediction that blended AI is in our near future by also speculating that it will result in dropping customer satisfaction levels, “as companies drive more traffic to chatbots, self-service, and chat that are not fully optimized to engage customers effectively.”

Essentially, if you use AI/chatbots to replace human interaction, your customers won’t appreciate it. But, if you use AI/chatbots to facilitate human interaction… well, that’s another story altogether.

What’s something you’ve recently accomplished at work that you’re proud of?

I was live on the BBC talking about intersectional feminism for women in tech.

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