About Eithiriel DeMeré, B2B SaaS Consultant

Eithiriel DeMeré, B2B SaaS Consultant

Hi! ♥️ I am Eithiriel DeMeré. 

I am a B2B SaaS consultant highly specialized in product marketing, go-to-market strategies, and community-led growth.

As a product marketer, I establish high-level marketing strategies and work closely with product, marketing, sales, and other customer-facing teams to execute on those strategies. I focus on language-market fit to ensure that all internal and external communication by all teams is centered around the voice of the customer.

I have worked with companies at every stage, from early-stage to globally-recognized brands.

All companies at all stages are always going to market. And going to market means having an evolving game plan for reaching and serving the right customers in the right markets, through the right channels, with the right products, and the right value proposition.

The goal of such a game plan to create a powerful customer experience that will:

  • Attract, win, and retain the most desirable customers
  • While driving high sales and market share growth,
  • At the lowest possible cost.

📌 Freedman nailed it.

I have 25+ years of exp. in digital marketing, 15+ years of exp. in product marketing / GTM, 15+ years of exp. in SaaS, 25+ years of exp. in community management.

I am Head of Community at Source, am a top 15 hunter at Product Hunt, and a mentor at GrowthMentor.

I am also an abolitionist anarchist. 🏴 I am directly involved with and support Distribute Aid, The Black Panther Party/Panther Liberation Army Organizing Committee, (previously) Masks for Docs, and other important mutual aid groups and organizations.

I love reading, meditating, cooking / potlucks, Scrabble, art, music, photography, and SNES Mario Kart.

I’m also an amateur photographer, philosopher, and poet at heart. (I am working on a book that brings together all three!)

I was previously responsible for community and growth at GrowthHackers.com, Zest.is, HubSpot’s Inbound.org, and Product Hunt.

I have worked with SaaS startups/companies such as Segment, Hotjar, Appcues, Autopilot, Drift, Wootric, Freshworks, InVision, Vervoe, SEMrush, UserIQ, and more.

I was a Product Hunt “Maker of the Year” Nominee in 2015. I have been “seen in” The BBC World Service, PBS, Mashable, Forbes, Inc.com, The Next Web, Venture Beat, and other respected media.

I am honored to be in the Shine Crew with April Dunford, Joanna Wiebe, Tiffany da Silva, Talia Wolf, Angie Schottmuller, Claire Suellentrop, Georgiana Laudi, and others.

I’ve helped hundreds of  SaaS startups with Product Hunt launches (as well as launches in general). I don’t think a launch just happens on Product Hunt or in only a day.

I also have a super secret group called Unicorn Think Tank. Since you’ve reached this far, ask me about it.