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An Early Customer Thinks They’ve “Outgrown” Your Product: A Customer Success Close-Call ft. @Zendesk


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Sometimes, you can save a client relationship (and make it so much stronger.) Which is what happened with Zendesk, as shared by Sary Stefanki, Sr. Director of Global Customer Success.

Zendesk really does everything right. Their Customer Success program is robust. They deeply care about their customers. Sary explains, “As we grew, we created a customer success program that identified customer goals and developed metrics so that there was a transparency around where we stood on all those goals. We boiled these success programs down to concrete success plans, mapped back goals to our Zendesk products and ID’d the metrics we needed to hit.”

To strengthen alignment from the top of the company down, they concentrated on communicating their goals “up, down, and across teams, so that everyone knew the customer goals and we were aligned on all fronts.” Zendesk has become well known for its cross-departmental communication and interaction.

But Zendesk didn’t start out that way. This company has grown by leaps and bounds, making headlines in 2010 for a record growth rate of over 300 percent.

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