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T-shirts with my photographs of California, Instagram prints, and my plans for 2016.

Earlier this year, I shared t-shirts “designs” with photographs I’d taken in California.

After receiving a favorable response to the t-shirts + unrelated requests to sell some of my Instagram photos as prints, I’ve decided that in 2016 I will open an online store to sell t-shirts and prints.

I think the t-shirts are too pricey from PAOM so I’ll be seeking other solutions.

I’ve been inspired to move forward with these plans as a result of discussions about art with Violeta Nedkova , Kiki Schirr, and Camille Taylor + discussions about photo apps with Ryan Hoover – so when it all goes live, I’ll owe them for helping me accomplish my dream of creating and selling art.


Here are some of my favorite Instagram photos as well as the best of 2015.


2015 in Articles

Here’s a roundup of the articles I published in 2015, not including Photo Friday.


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The Future / Predictions


2015 in Accomplishments + Special Thanks

My year in accomplishments:

Special thanks:


From Pancakes to Transplants, 3D Printing is the Future by @NikkiElizDeMere

3D Printing

There are few modern technologies more exciting than 3D printing. Think about it. You can turn filament into a functional beer stein, goo into a remote control car, or build a to-scale model of your living room to figure out where to put your couch.

Or, you can build a 3D printable prosthetic hand that can grip for less than ten dollars, like the e-NABLE Project does for kids in need.

In China, they’re building actual houses.

Right now in Kentucky, scientists are working on how to 3D print with human cells using a BioAssembly Bot. Kidneys, livers, and heart valves could, someday soon, be made from cells from the very people who need transplants.

See? I told you this was exciting.

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