Content Distribution & Promotion

Rise above the noise and get noticed by your target audience with content distribution & promotion

Competition is fierce and loud and… everywhere. To get noticed by early adopters, tech buffs, investors, thought leaders and Silicon Valley insiders, you need a way to reach them that isn’t over-saturated. You need a way to blink onto their radar and stay there so your product can gain the enthusiastic following it deserves.

I’ve been building relationships and growing my social media following in the startup space for years. I spend hours every day interacting, conversing, advising and connecting with the startup-obsessed communities you’d like to reach. I’m a Moderator at Product Hunt and a top 15 contributor; I’m also a Moderator at Growth Hackers, helped grow (now, helped grow, and am a co-creator of SaaS Invaders Community (previously SaaS.Community).

In short, I’ve built cred.

And when I post something on one, some, or all of these communities, I not only get looks, likes and shares, I get engagement.

Tapping into an engaged audience who is primed and ready for the latest SaaS products – it’s like hitting a gold vein instead of chasing itty-bitty nuggets.

Would you rather spend months sifting through a box of rocks, or go straight to chipping out chunks of paydirt?

But let’s not mix metaphors.

Case Study: Check out how I helped Autopilot attract relevant influencers, and improve both engagement metrics and conversions in this case study.

How does this work?

You create content, I share it.

I will get your product, launch or content…

  • In front of an engaged audience of thousands of startup enthusiasts in articles, blog posts, conversations, newsletters – everywhere it’s appropriate (I have a network of over 100,000 connections across social media)
  • Shared on cutting-edge tech communities like Growth Hackers, Product Hunt,, SaaS Community and more (so long as it meets their guidelines)
  • A quickly growing reputation as a thought leader in your niche

This isn’t about getting more traffic – this is about getting more qualified traffic. The people who are more likely to convert into customers, investors and vocal advocates.

“In just 2 months, [Nichole’s] influence drove 359 new users to our blog, attracted the attention of relevant influencers, and landed our content in an industry newsletter with over 135K subscribers. Better yet, she sparked meaningful conversations with our target audience. If you want to reach and engage SaaS marketers, I highly recommend partnering with Nichole.” – Jes Kirkwood, SaaS marketer & growth strategist at Autopilot

When we work together you can expect:

  • Several shares a month per new article on my Twitter account, which has ~ 71K followers
  • Several shares per month per new article on my my LinkedIn account, which has ~ 11,000 connections

Most of my Twitter and LinkedIn followers are highly interested in startups as customers or even investors

  • Write a piece on Medium? I’ll clap for it. I have ~ 30,000 followers.
  • Submissions of your high-quality articles to communities including Growth Hackers, Zest.isSaaS Community and more, when and where relevant
  • Working together to determine how to track your success – an option is to use UTM codes for each channel

Think of me as an extension of your content marketing team.

Hey listen – there’s a caveat

Your content has to be original, high-quality, actionable, and relevant.

That means blog posts, articles and other assets are written by you or your team (or by a spectacular content writer who has access to you and your team to get insights that can’t be found elsewhere).

I don’t partner with just any startup. I won’t distribute just any content either. All of this only works because I’ve built a reputation for working with great companies and only sharing valuable, high-quality content.

In short: I only work with the best.

Is that you?

If you have a great product, care deeply about your customers, and are committed to creating the best possible experience for them, then I would love to help you get in front of all the right people.

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