From Pancakes to Transplants, 3D Printing is the Future by @NikkiElizDeMere

3D Printing

There are few modern technologies more exciting than 3D printing. Think about it. You can turn filament into a functional beer stein, goo into a remote control car, or build a to-scale model of your living room to figure out where to put your couch.

Or, you can build a 3D printable prosthetic hand that can grip for less than ten dollars, like the e-NABLE Project does for kids in need.

In China, they’re building actual houses.

Right now in Kentucky, scientists are working on how to 3D print with human cells using a BioAssembly Bot. Kidneys, livers, and heart valves could, someday soon, be made from cells from the very people who need transplants.

See? I told you this was exciting.

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