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“I Almost Lost a Customer When Our Champion Left”: A Customer Success Story from @Zuora


Image created by Yasmine Sedky (@yazsedky).

“I almost lost a customer,” says Rachel, “when our ‘champion’ and top user within the customer company left for another job. This is all too common an occurrence, and difficult to anticipate. In this particular case, I found out because I had set our customer analytics system to alert me when the usage volume within any account suddenly dropped off, and also when one of our “Power Users” switched to a less active persona. Both alerts were triggered, so I knew something was amiss within the account.”

Planning & data made the difference

She and her customer success department had put in the time to plan ahead for just such occasions, creating thoughtful playbooks that laid out and tracked each step to winning back a wayward customer. As these risk alerts triggered, they simultaneously set off a workflow that gave Rachel a series of predetermined tasks to manage.

“First, I did some research using our customer analytics tool and looked into the account’s recent trends – what was their normal usage, and how had that changed recently; what kinds of results had they been achieving using our solution; who were all of their active users, who had dropped off, and who else was still active or increasing in their use?”

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