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Learning from Customer Success: “It was like a Gut-Punch — No Warning” ft. @JayNathan at @PeopleMatter


Image created by Yasmine Sedky (@yazsedky).

Some say the mark of success isn’t that you never fail, but how you react when failure occurs. Failure happens, but when handled well, something far more powerful can happen: Growth.

Jay Nathan, SVP of Customer Success at PeopleMatter, workforce management software used by Del Taco and Charlotte Russe among other brands, was taken by surprise with his first cancellation: “The first major cancellation I received after taking responsibility for retention was like a gut-punch – no warning.” He reacted like any of us would: Try to figure out what went wrong, see if there was anything he could do to stop it, and figure out how to prevent nasty surprises like this in the future.

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