B2B SaaS Consulting, Go-to-Market Strategy, & Product Marketing

Identify your ideal customers. Learn where they hang out and how to get in front of them and speak their language. Make them love you.

Nichole is a very special marketer, unique in fact. We’ve worked with dozens of marketers, but are yet to come across anyone with such an intimate understanding of the human psyche. Nichole’s ability to authentically connect with different audiences – across so many channels, and up and down the funnel – is what makes her stand out. I’d go as far as saying that she is a customer success-first marketer, in that her efforts start and end with “how can we help this person we’re trying to reach achieve their goal”? As opposed to “how can we get this prospect to buy our thing?”. Guess what, it works!

Omer MoladFounder at Vervoe


Let’s put it this way… Nichole is one of a kind. She’s the #1 expert in helping SaaS companies to truly connect with their customers and grow without using shady/hack-y/aggressive marketing. She knows more about SaaS community building, customer success, and customer-obsessed growth strategies than anyone on the planet. She’s also an amazing human being who CARES about people. Hire her before it’s too late.

Louis Genier, Content Lead at Hotjar


Nichole is the most passionate, hardest working, fastest learning, fiercely loyal person I’ve ever met. Period. If you get the chance to work with her, not only will she deliver amazing results in whatever she’s doing for you, you’ll never be the same (in a great way!). When Nichole speaks (or writes, or shares curated content, etc.) you’ll listen if you know what’s good for you.

Lincoln Murphy, Founder at Sixteen Ventures

Nichole is the realness. A woman WELL worth knowing. She is brilliant at cultivating communities and getting people engaged…Anyone who cares to look can see how amazing you are at getting people to pay attention to what you’re doing. You’ve built an amazing network for yourself. I’m confident you could do it for ANY business.

Joel Klettke, Founder at Case Study Buddy

No more  guesswork! Get a B2B SaaS marketing strategy grounded in research to grow your startup the right way.

Your competitors are multiplying as we speak.

  • Do you have a fact-based plan to differentiate your SaaS company for your target market?
  • Do you worry that you’re missing something BIG (or small) that could make all the difference to your success and growth?
  • Are you wondering if you’ve got the most up-to-date tools, and if you’re keeping up with the cutting edge?

Guess so? Guess not? It’s time to stop guessing.

The worst thing you can do as a SaaS company is guess. Success in SaaS is a science, founded on ideal customers, and grounded in research, data, smart tools and smarter tracking.

I’ve been developing growth strategies for top SaaS companies for over a decade and I am offering B2B SaaS consulting and product marketing.

When you fill out the form (and if we determine our expertise will, in fact, benefit you), we’ll collaborate to create a tentative consulting calendar that works for you.

SaaS Consulting

Nichole is one of the most insightful and effective marketing experts that I’ve had the pleasure to work with. She is one of those rare people who I hesitate to call talented, because it would be an insult to the work and experience that she continuously puts into improving her skills. Her marketing superpower is in uncovering opportunities which not only increase visibility and brand trust, but which do so by actually improving the ability of the company to delivering value to customers over time. She also habitually passes her knowledge on to those around her, which I have been fortunate to benefit from on many occasions.

Jim Gray, Founder at Ioseed

Additional testimonials:

  • We’ll meet for one, 60 to 90-minute phone calls each week to focus on what you need most, so you can grow your company with confidence – and stop guessing altogether.
  • I specialize in go-to-market strategies and product marketing for B2B SaaS.
  • Depending on the stage your SaaS is in, I will take you through problem-solution fit, language-market fit, product-market fit, and finally, to scale.
    • Problem-solution fit: You have a problem worth solving and it rings a bell with your ideal customers. Includes Customer Development.
    • Language-market fit: You have a strong value proposition, know how to speak to your ideal customers, know where they spend their time, and how to get in front of them. Includes Customer Success.
    • Product-market fit: Being in a good market with a product that can satisfy that market.
    • Scale: A strong growth strategy rooted in your Customer Development and Customer Success initiatives.
  • A few hours of homework per week your end.
  • At the end of the engagement, you will know your ideal customer, where they hang out, and how to get in front of them and speak their language.
  • You will have a playbook with an executable strategy for early and long-term traction.

What to expect in a B2B SaaS consulting & marketing engagement:

Nichole and I worked together on Inbound.org, where she was an invaluable contributor to and moderator of the community. Thanks to her help Inbound’s audience, participation, and quality grew dramatically.

Rand Fishkin, Founder at Moz


If you’re lucky enough to work with Nichole on a project, it’ll be clear from the start that you’re working with a total pro. She just “gets it”—and it’s so rare to find people who can quickly understand what you’re looking for, communicate clearly and smoothly throughout the entire process, and then deliver something that exceeds your expectations. And that’s all on top of the fact that Nichole is passionate not just about her work, but about building communities around it.

— Kristin Hillery, Editor at InVision

Nichole Elizabeth is a dream writer for any blog editor with very high standards for their content. She develops interesting ideas and brings them to life with a fantastic balance of research and persuasive writing that’s easy to read. Our readers loved her post and continue sharing it months after its publish date.

Joanna Wiebe, Editor-in-Chief at Copy Hackers


Nichole is one of the most intelligent, dedicated and trustworthy people I have ever worked with. She has an innate ability to be ahead of the curve in the digital world and has set new standards in my book as a marketer and consultant. She is a connector and anyone around her will be instantly better connected being around her for a short time. I can’t recommend Nichole enough for almost any type of marketing consulting.

Trevor Hatfield, Founder at Inturact


Passion. That is one word that encompasses all that is Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré. She is by far the most passionate person I have ever had the pleasure of connecting with, and it shows in everything that she does. She has unparalleled enthusiasm for learning and applying what she learns to whatever project she is working on, and is the type of person who loves to help others grow and learn as well. I highly recommend her as a consultant, a mentor, a friend, and a person to know. Her insight is invaluable to anyone in the Growth Hacking, Community Management, SaaS, Product Development, or Tech in general.

Camille Taylor, Customer Success Manager


Nichole was a great contributor to the inbound.org team, helping us unlock some growth opportunities and build the community.

Dharmesh ShahFounder/CTO of HubSpot


I worked with Nichole on GrowthHackers.com and she helped spur early growth for the platform with a clear understanding of engagement, retention and key metrics to improve and grow a community. Her passion for whatever project she is working on is her biggest strength.

Everette Taylor, Entrepreneur & Marketing Executive</em


Had a great call with Nichole. I recommend you hire her for help with your SaaS qualitative research / value prop stuff.

Peep Laja, Founder at ConversionXL


Nichole is a one of the more talented and dedicated individuals I’ve met in the Growth Hacking and Community Management sphere. Always thinking out of the box (or more like, there is no box), Nichole is a huge resource of knowledge producing huge success for every project and client she works with.

Talia Wolf, Founder at GetUplift


Nichole is one of the most well-rounded individuals I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with professionally — she puts 100% effort and passion into every project. Not only does she have a high level of knowledge in various fields (Customer Success, Community, and Growth Hacking among them), she is always generous about sharing her resources.

Tia Kelly, Customer Success Manager at Unbounce


Nikki has been an integral partner in scaling the growth marketing function at Wootric. From managing social channels to content strategy to demand generation campaigns, she has helped us to create effective channels for attracting new customers. She is strategic and on-message–her work always reflects positively on our brand. I especially appreciate the way she keeps Wootric’s interests in mind and proactively identifies new opportunities for growth. It is hard to find contractors that seem like they are as invested in our success as we are, Nikki is one of those rare gems that is all in!

Lisa AbbottDirector of Marketing at Wootric