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Personal Service at Scale – The Secrets of @ArielKlein, Head of Customer Success at @DocSend


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Ari Klein is one of those rare people who is equally comfortable discussing the finer points of human relationships as industrial engineering. Balancing between customer needs and product requirements, Ari builds customer success programs that tow growth and product strategy in their wake for companies like CrowdFlower, and currently, DocSend.

But my favorite thing about Ari, the one that knocked my socks off in our conversation, is when he talked about how closely his Customer Success department works with Product Development.

It’s the kind of collaboration that strengthens the entire discipline of Customer Success, and it so very seldom happens.

So, if you want:

  • Bleeding edge opportunity spotting,
  • Personalized messaging at scale,
  • And customer success content that not only solves problems, but does so in ways people will talk about for months afterward…
    – Ari’s your man.

I sat down to discuss Customer Success at its best. What came out was the true story of one company leveraging a Customer Success mindset to its greatest potential.

Want in on some of those secrets? Read on. From this point forward, all words are Ari’s.

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