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Launching a product?

Wish you had someone to tell you if you’re planning your product launch right?

Someone who’s done this before – a lot – and knows what it takes to bring products successfully to market?


The Product Launch Mastermind

New cohort and community!

…with Nichole Elizabeth DeMerè, Founder & Adam Marx, Community Manager

Product Launch M

Well hello.

I am Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré, an early-stage B2B SaaS consultant, go-to-market strategist, and product marketer.

I am a top hunter at Product Hunt (previous Community Manager) and Mentor at

I’ve helped hundreds of companies with their product launches – you may have heard of a few of them.

Here are some of their listings on Product Hunt:

But beyond those hundreds of companies, I’ve seen far too many who didn’t have the basic ingredients in place for successful launches.

And they didn’t even know they were missing them until their launches… never took off.

Don’t be like them.


The Product Launch Mastermind is closed for this session but there will be a summer series.

Have questions? Schedule a  quick call with Nichole

The Product Launch Mastermind is a four-week long program for startups preparing their launches who want to ensure they have everything they need to make it to the stratosphere in terms of strategy, marketing and messaging.

I’ll be your (nearly) on-demand product launch consultant during the four weeks via Slack, 1:1 meetings with your teams, and group workshops. Think of me as an extension of your team as an experienced go-to-market product marketer.

Timeline & what to expect when you join

Your time zone will be taken into account.

You only need to be available 2 hours a week for the weekly 1:1 consulting meetings and go-t0-market workshops. 


Week 1

💬 Invitation to a private Slack community for up to five of your team members. I will be available for questions and feedback, Monday – Friday.

🗓 1:1 hour-long discovery call with your team. We’ll discuss your company stage, challenges, launch goals, and more.

🗓 Virtual coffee a.k.a. Zoom call with other community members to get to know everyone. ☕️

  • Assigned accountability partners.
  • A list for recommended reading: books, industry reports, etc.

Based on your 1:1 discovery call, I’ll provide:

  • A custom product launch checklist in Notion
  • A custom strategic roadmap in the form of a kanban board in Notion

Your product launch checklist and strategic roadmap will be customized because the chaos at every startup is different.


Week 2

🗓 Group workshop on Market Strategy. 1 hr.

🗓 1:1 consulting call with your team. 45 mins.

Market Strategy Workshop

Here is the area of your plan that includes your efforts to generate awareness with your customers and employees, especially those employees who interact with customers from product instruction, interest, purchase, and then support.

In the Market Strategy Workshop, we will cover topics such as:

  • Market research
  • Ideal customers
  • Language-market fit
  • Value proposition design
  • Jobs-to-be-Done buyer personas
  • Positioning
  • Storytelling and the customer journey
  • Marketing campaigns

✔️ Related worksheets and exercises will be added to Notion beforehand.


Week 3

🗓  Group workshop on Product Strategy. 1 hr.

🗓  1:1 consulting call with your team. 45 mins.

Product Strategy Workshop

Here we’ll lay out what differentiates your product offering and those of your competitors. We’ll also want to consider special pricing promotions and cross promotions at launch.

In the Product Strategy Workshop, we will cover topics such as:

  • Developing your product vision prior to launch
  • Setting your product price at launch
  • Setting up your feedback loop for evaluation and enhancements
  • Considering different promotions at launch
  • Strategizing your product and front line

✔️ Related worksheets and exercises will be added to Notion beforehand.


Week 4

🗓  Group workshop on Channel Strategy. 1 hr.

🗓  1:1 consulting call with your team. 45 mins.

Channel Strategy Workshop

What channels will we utilize not only to sell your products but also to educate and support your partners and customers? Having a strong channel strategy will help you increase your channel performance.

In the Channel Strategy Workshop, we will cover topics such as:

  • Identifying your primary channels (ex: your website, communities, etc.) based on your ideal customers
  • Your Product Hunt strategy
  • Driving better channel performance
  • Educating and supporting your customers
  • Training sales and support

✔️ Related worksheets and exercises will be added to Notion beforehand.

Launch Week

Launches don’t just happen in a day!

Get hyped!

During launch week (you set the date!), I will also act as your biggest cheerleader within my social media communities, most of whom are highly interested in startups as customers and investors. I have over 100,00 connections across social media.

I will also provide feedback on everything you’ve prepared for launch week:

Your strategy, to make sure it helps you truly connect with your potential customers and users, while positioning you to create lasting relationships with them.

Your tactics, objectives and action plans to make sure they’re consistent
All of your messaging to make sure you’re telling your story in the way your customers need to hear it.

But this isn’t about being #1 on Product Hunt – this is to set you up for sustainable success with a real foundation in customer-fit.

For example, I will review, analyze and provide feedback and suggestions on:

  • Value proposition design
  • Positioning
  • Landing pages
  • Drip campaigns
  • Launch e-mails
  • Social media campaigns
  • Announcement articles and press releases
  • And more.

What I’ll need from you

  • An invitation to – if you don’t have Notion, you’ll need to sign up and invite me as a member, not as a guest.
  • Several hours of committed time each week to do the work.
  • After the mastermind, you’ll need to provide all of your promotional materials to me for launch week.


  • Community
  • I will be available for questions and feedback via Slack, M-F
  • Adam Marx will also be available as Community Manager, M-F
  • Virtual coffee session with other community members
  • Accountability partners
  • Recommended reading
  • 1:1 discovery call. 1 hr.
  • Three 1:1 consulting calls. 45 mins.
  • Custom launch checklist
  • Custom strategic roadmap as a kanban board
  • Market Strategy Workshop. 1 hr.
  • Product Strategy Workshop. 1 hr.
  • Channel Strategy Workshop. 1 hr.
  • Worksheets and exercises for your team
  • Feedback on everything you’ve prepared for launch wee
  • Hype week!

What (really cool!) people are saying…

“Nichole and I worked together on, where she was an invaluable contributor to and moderator of the community. Thanks to her help, Inbound’s audience, participation, and quality grew dramatically.”

Rand Fishkin, Founder, Moz & SparkToro

“Let’s put it this way…Nichole is one of a kind. She’s the #1 expert in helping SaaS companies to truly connect with their customers and grow without using shady/hack-y/aggressive marketing. She knows more about SaaS community building, customer success, and customer-obsessed growth strategies than anyone on the planet. She’s also an amazing human being who CARES about people. Hire her before it’s too late.”

Louis Grenier, Founder, Everyone Hates Marketers

“Nichole is the most passionate, hardest working, fastest learning, fiercely loyal person I’ve ever met. Period. If you get the chance to work with her, not only will she deliver amazing results in whatever she’s doing for you, you’ll never be the same (in a great way!). When Nichole speaks (or writes, or shares curated content, etc.) you’ll listen if you know what’s good for you.”

Lincoln Murphy, Founder, Sixteen Ventures

“Nichole is one of the most insightful and effective marketing experts that I’ve had the pleasure to work with. She is one of those rare people who I hesitate to call talented, because it would be an insult to the work and experience that she continuously puts into improving her skills. Her marketing superpower is in uncovering opportunities which not only increase visibility and brand trust, but which do so by actually improving the ability of the company to delivering value to customers over time. She also habitually passes her knowledge on to those around her, which I have been fortunate to benefit from on many occasions.”

Jim Gray, Founder, Ioseed

“Nichole is a very special marketer, unique in fact. We’ve worked with dozens of marketers, but are yet to come across anyone with such an intimate understanding of the human psyche. Nichole’s ability to authentically connect with different audiences – across so many channels, and up and down the funnel – is what makes her stand out. I’d go as far as saying that she is a customer success-first marketer, in that her efforts start and end with “how can we help this person we’re trying to reach achieve their goal”? As opposed to “how can we get this prospect to buy our thing?”. Guess what, it works!”

Omer Molad, Founder, Vervoe

Nichole is the realness. A woman WELL worth knowing. She is brilliant at cultivating communities and getting people engaged. Anyone who cares to look can see how amazing she is at getting people to pay attention to what she’s doing. She’s built an amazing network for herself. I’m confident she could do it for ANY business.

Joel Klettke, Founder, Case Study Buddy


The Product Launch Mastermind is closed for this session but there will be a summer series.

Have questions? Schedule a  quick call with Nichole
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