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Product Hunt

Would you like me to review your product to hunt it on Product Hunt?


But before we start, please take note:

  • I’m also available to help you for a month or two of pre-launch if you’re interested! (Let’s make sure you’ve got language-market fit, a tight value proposition, CTAs that make sense, etc.) I can help you do your launch the right way so that you build up to it and you don’t lose momentum after it. If you’re interested in that, fill out my product launch strategy form.
  • Submitting a product for review does not guarantee I will post it.

While we’re here, you might wanna consider having a hype girl for launch day.


  • Don’t submit your product if it’s more than seven days until launch.
  • Keep this email handy: hello[at]producthunt[.]com. If you want your Product Hunt listing to be updated after it’s posted, you’ll need to contact the core team.

Read everything above and then fill out the form. 

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