Sunday Brunch: A Weekly Missive on Community Growth

Zero churn? It’s possible. And I can teach you how.


SaaS startups require strong customer relationships to prevent churn and increase customer lifetime value (the metrics that make or break your business).

Creating a community is one way to strengthen customer relationships and improve loyalty.

This is really – really – about eliminating churn.

My newsletter is strictly about building online communities, in places like Facebook groups and Slack channels (to name but two), around your SaaS product and brand.

SaaS communities also help promote higher lifetime value, happier customers, and – my favorite – customer success. But it’s not enough to just invite people to join. Creating a genuine sense of community is a little more complicated – and that’s what my newsletter is about.

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The research

BubbleIQ reported ZERO churn among the customers in their community. Now, they only began opening up private channels for their VIP customers who were already loyal and engaged, but still. Zero is a good number.

ProdPad also has never had a customer churn who was part of their community.

Customers who join our Slack community were not cancelling their ProdPad plans at all. In fact, 99% of our cancellations were (and still are) coming from customers who weren’t part of our community.

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