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40+ SaaS, Marketing, and Growth Newsletters Compiled by @NikkiElizDeMere


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Your inbox is likely a study in quantity vs. quality – and if you’d like to shift the balance towards quality, I’ve got some recommendations for you straight from my most-trusted sources. We had a pow-wow the other day and shared our shortlists (sometimes rather long shortlists) of the newsletters we not only follow, but love.

Note: most of these links go straight to the blog pages where you’ll usually see a pop-up asking you to sign up.

Specifically SaaS

  • Christoph Janz – Managing partner at Point Nine Capital, Internet entrepreneur and angel investor in some really successful startups (Zendesk), Christoph Janz, discusses the finer points of growth in SaaS. (Twitter)
  • Clement Vouillon – Twice monthly newsletter on SaaS trends, market figures, news and interesting startups. (Twitter)
  • – A weekly newsletter on Customer Acquisition and Retention that boasts a 45% open rate. (Twitter)
  • Hiten Shah’s SaaS Weekly – Weekly e-mail chock full of links about SaaS. (Twitter)
  • Ivan Kirigin – If Dropbox, Facebook, YesGraph and Tipjoy ring a bell, you might want in on the posts of Ivan Kirigin, who’s been elbows-deep in them all. (Twitter)
  • Kalzumeus – Twice a month, tops, you’ll find an essay on selling software better. The Kalzumeus podcast is also well worth checking out for all things SaaS marketing. (Twitter)
  • SaaS Club – An e-mail digest of SaaS news and articles. (Twitter)
  • SaaStr – Jason Lemkin shares what he knows about growth in SaaS and B2B markets, and as managing director of Storm Ventures, he knows a lot. (Twitter)
  • Sixteen Ventures – Customer Success and Growth Hacking insights from Lincoln Murphy. (Twitter)
  • Tomasz Tunguz –  Daily, data-driven blog posts about key questions facing startups including how to fund raise, startup benchmarks, management best practices and team building. Join thousands of others receiving these blog posts daily by e-mail. (Twitter)
  • Totango – Customer Success for SaaS is Totango’s Newsletter’s forte. (Twitter)

Marketing “in General”

  • Andrew Chen – Weekly newsletter on what’s happening in Silicon Valley and entrepreneurship. (Twitter)
  • Backlinko – Twice a month e-mail with nothing but the best information on increasing traffic. (Twitter)
  • Conversion XL – Landing pages, e-mail marketing, copywriting, lead gen, UX, pricing strategy, this blog has it all. Subscription comes with a free guide to A/B testing. (Twitter)
  • Copy Blogger – Writing copy that sells, measuring it, and managing it all happen on the CopyBlogger blog, highlights of which you can read comfortably in your inbox when you subscribe. (Twitter)
  • CopyHackers – Want to know how the copy pros do a newsletter? It’s worth signing up just to check their subject lines. (Twitter)
  • – Weekly posts on e-mail marketing, copywriting, customer happiness and even psychology. (Twitter)
  • GrooveHQ Support – Customer support lessons to increase retention, referrals and revenue. (Twitter)
  • Growth Devil – This “growth hacking agency for startups” has some really great content, like the intriguing “why my face is bad for conversion.” (Twitter)
  • Helpscout – Weekly e-mail of their latest posts on growth, retention and of course, support. (Twitter)
  • Jim Gray – Putting crazy marketing technology tricks at the fingertips of non-engineers. (Twitter)
  • Moz Top 10 – A semimonthly digest of inbound marketing news, tips and links. (Twitter)
  • Nielsen Norman Group – Weekly newsletter with article summaries on interface usability, web design and UX. (Twitter)
  • Ryan Gum – Startup marketing from the trenches, including this post which we all might find relevant after this list: “How to deal with information overload and retain 90% of what you consume.” (Twitter)
  • Sujan Patel – Marketing tips to grow your business. (Twitter)
  • User Onboarding – Samuel Hulick, user onboarding expert,  examines how the most successful companies handle onboarding new users in his “teardowns.” Sign up for those teardowns – they’re golden. (Twitter)
  • Vero – E-mail marketing, Cialdini, and Social Media are just three of the topics this blog covers. (Twitter)

Straight-Up Growth Hacking

Other Good Stuff

  • Double Your Freelancing – Brennan Dunn, Freelancer, Author, and Entrepreneur sends weekly words of wisdom on building a better freelancing business. (Twitter)
  • Foundcy – Your daily fix of the best posts read by founders. (Twitter)
  • Mattermark Daily – Daily curated selection of reading from investor and founder bloggers, events to check out, companies to watch, and other great reads. (Twitter)
  • Product Hunt – The best new products, every day. (Twitter)

Any newsletters that you’re following that aren’t listed here? Mention them in the comments! Also be sure to check out my own newsletter; you can subscribe to the right.

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