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The Surprising Value of Twitter Followers


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For me, calculating the value of my Twitter followers is easy: I keep a record of every client who has found me on Twitter and add up their lifetime values.

Oh, right – I get clients directly from Twitter. That’s important.

It’s actually one of my main forms of marketing for my business as a SaaS consultant, along with frequent guest posts and regular activity in industry forums like GrowthHackers.comProductHunt and

Twitter, guest posts, and forum interactions are all part of the ecosystem of my marketing plan – like a tank full of sea monkeys.

Together, and with the help of some amazing mentors I met on Twitter, they’ve helped me forge a reputation in my fields.

But let’s look at the other part of the puzzle of gaining paying clients through Twitter — your ideal clients have to be on Twitter.

In SaaS, Growth Hacking, and Inbound Marketing communities, Twitter is a central hub of industry communication. We’re all there, chatting away, every day. That is not true for all industries and types of businesses.

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