The Ultimate Guide to Using Product Hunt for Your Startup by @NikkiElizDeMere


Product Hunt makes it easy for people to share the tech products and apps they’re into – what they love, what they use, what they’re excited about. It’s like highly targeted social media in which every user is tech-literate and interested in finding the latest smart solutions to their problems.

But more than that, Product Hunt has become a community of likeminded people who are willing to give insights into products, engage with other users, share tips and ideas, and bond with each other over shared interests. It’s a crazy combination of user-generated marketing and old-fashioned “geeking out.”

Does that sound like your target market? Then Product Hunt is where your startup needs to be.

However, just like you wouldn’t try writing a long blog post on Twitter, there are some protocols to keep in mind when interacting with this community. Here’s how to navigate the social waters so your startup company can join the Hunt.

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