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What You Think Matters Doesn’t – Meet Social Media’s Better KPIs ft. @UseNotion


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What social media KPIs would you, personally, like to brag about to your boss? More followers than Katy Perry? An original, semi-clever tweet for every minute of the day (and double on Sundays)? The fact that you’re only following one person – the CEO – but you’ve got 636,558 followers, CRUSHING the followers-to-following ratio?

And what if I were to tell you that those are totally pointless?

Chuck ’em. Toss’em. Line the birdcage with them, because they’re yesterday’s news.

Not only are these numbers not true indicators of success, they won’t help you build a more engaged, loyal following on social media. And they won’t help your bottom line.

But other metrics can.

Here are the three social media KPIs that matter:

  1. Amplification
  2. Applause
  3. Economic Value

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