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There’s a strange trend in the tech community. Tech conference organizers are slowly getting the idea that having women speakers and writers in attendance is a good thing (yay! Progress!), yet, so many of the highly qualified, impressively resumed women speakers and writers I know tell a similarly disheartening story:

They keep getting asked to speak and write for free.

Maybe it’s the HuffPo effect, where big money-making companies expect to get the benefit of hard-won expertise for nothing but “exposure.” Maybe it’s just being cheap and seeing if anyone will bite on your baitless hook. Maybe it’s that women’s expertise isn’t as highly valued as it should be.

Or maybe it’s that women are expected to do things just to be “nice.”

That thought makes me feel very not nice. How about you?

So in the interest of promoting highly educated, experienced, eloquent women speakers, or writers – who speak and write for PAY – I published a form inviting women to list their areas of expertise.

In one month, I received 126 responses.

Without further ado – here is the list of 120+ women you can hire to speak and write for you. There are three tabs: writers, speakers, and women who are both.

If you would like to be added to or removed from the list, please e-mail me. (My e-mail address is available in the spreadsheet.)

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