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  • Content Creation
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→ Early-Stage SaaS Consulting

No more  guesswork! Get an executable strategy grounded in research to grow your SaaS startup the right way.

Your competitors are multiplying as we speak.

  • Do you have a fact-based plan to differentiate your SaaS company for your target market?
  • Do you worry that you’re missing something BIG (or small) that could make all the difference to your success and growth?
  • Are you wondering if you’ve got the most up-to-date tools, and if you’re keeping up with the cutting edge?

Guess so? Guess not? It’s time to stop guessing.

The worst thing you can do as a SaaS company is guess. Success in SaaS is a science, founded on ideal customers, and grounded in research, data, smart tools and smarter tracking.

I’ve been developing growth strategies for top SaaS companies for over a decade and now I am now offering SaaS consulting.

Let’s discuss SaaS Consulting

→ Content Creation

Need content that gets results?

Content is how businesses become thought leaders – and industry leaders never hurt for business. But how do you make the leap from business to thought leader?

One way is to publish such high-quality blog posts, e-books and content offers that people can’t help but take notice.

In recent years, that’s become a lot harder to do – there’s just so much good content out there.

What you need is high-quality content that’s amplified.

That means content that is written by someone with a reputation for knowing her stuff, who just happens to have ~ 68,0000 Twitter followers (and counting) to share it with.

That’d be me.

I offer a limited number of one-time and retainer writing engagements, which include custom visuals and – when possible and appropriate –  original quotes from other brilliant thought leaders in their fields.

Let’s Discuss Content Creation

→ Content Promotion & Distribution

You create content, I share it.

I will get your product, launch or content…

  • In front of an engaged audience of thousands of startup enthusiasts in articles, blog posts, conversations, newsletters – everywhere it’s appropriate. (I have a network of over 100,000 connections across social media).
  • Shared on cutting-edge tech communities like Growth Hackers, Product Hunt,, SaaS Community and more.
  • A quickly growing reputation as a thought leader in your niche.

This isn’t about getting more traffic – this is about getting more qualified traffic. The people who are more likely to convert into customers, investors and vocal advocates.

When we work together you can expect:

  • Several shares a month per new article on my Twitter account, which has ~ 68,000 followers.
  • Several shares per month per new article on my my LinkedIn account, which has ~ 19,000 followers.

Most of my Twitter and LinkedIn followers are highly interested in startups as customers or even investors

  • Write a piece on Medium? I’ll clap for it. I have ~ 28,000 followers.
  • Submissions of your high-quality articles to communities including Growth HackersZest.isSaaS Community and more, when and where relevant.
  • Working together to determine how to track your success – an option is to use UTM codes for each channel.

Think of me as an extension of your content marketing team.

Let’s Discuss Content Promotion & Distribution

→ Product Launches

Wish you had someone to tell you if you’re planning your launch right? Someone who’s done this before – a lot – and knows what it takes to bring SaaS products successfully to market?

Well hello.

Strategic product launches

You can also:

Submit a Product for Review for Product Hunt

Join My Startup Product Launches Group

→ Twitter Curation + Growth

First, you have to understand who’s on Twitter. Your colleagues, potential partners, and industry thought leaders are all on Twitter. They’re having conversations, asking questions, looking for answers, sharing information and promoting each other – all the time. Yes, your prospects and customers are on there too.

My approach to Twitter curation that grows followers and creates opportunities stems from this core understanding of Twitter as an inherently social space, a space that requires an authentic, personal, personality-driven presence from individuals and brands alike. My custom Twitter curation brings your authentic personality and values to the forefront of every single post, so your followers get to know you.

They establish a personal, emotional, genuine connection with you.

With so much noise on Social channels, standing out as an individual is a powerful differentiator. Hire me to grow your following honestly and organically, so you can grow relationships that deliver opportunities.

Let’s Discuss Twitter Curation + Growth

→ Community Consulting

I help launch, engage, and grow communities. Please email me in detail if you are interested in working with me.

→ Submit a General Request

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